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Balloon Glue Dots [READY STOCK IN SG]

Balloon Glue Dots [READY STOCK IN SG]

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Simply blow up the balloons you wish to use, and use the glue dots to stick the balloons to one another or onto clean surfaces (e.g. wall, glass windows, ceiling).

Transparent Glue Dot Roll

10mm Diameter

100 Glue Dots Per Roll

A definite must have party essential!


(Or $1.80 when purchased as add-ons!)

πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ READY STOCK IN SINGAPORE (Shipped out within 48 hours!)

⭐️ Tips & Tricks ⭐️

- Once "stuck", do not try to remove the balloons as this may result in balloons popping. Depending on the size of the balloon more than one glue dot may be needed so that the balloon stays in place

- The balloon glue dots can be quite sticky, thus able to hold balloons and surfaces together well. However, it may unintentionally peel off wall paint (especially repainted walls). Please do test out with 1/2 pieces of glue dots to ensure that your surface is suitable for the glue dots. Also, it is encouraged to remove the decoration and glue dots promptly once the decoration is no longer needed.

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