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10" Retro Vintage Colour Helium Latex Balloon Matte [READY STOCK IN SG]

10" Retro Vintage Colour Helium Latex Balloon Matte [READY STOCK IN SG]

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Retro 10pcs

πŸ“£ 10" RETRO Colour Helium Latex Balloons for Sale!
🎈 Available in 15 pretty colours: 🎈
1) Teal
2) Eucalyptus
3) Sage Green
4) Bean
5) Grey
6) Deep Purple
7) Wine Berry
8) Ruby
9) Coral
10) Pearl Ivory
11) Forest Green
12) Avocado Green
13) Mocha Brown
14) Khaki
15) Apricot
16) Mixed

Can't decide which colours to get? Choose 'Mixed' and we will pack assorted colours for you (any 10 pieces from the 15 colour variations) :)

If you are purchasing with the disposable helium tank, it will just be $2.50 for 10PCS!

⭐️ Tips & Tricks ⭐️
- While the photos are real-life photos of the latex balloons, please kindly note that there may be slight difference in the colour of the latex balloons due to the photo lighting. All the Retro latex balloons are matte colour, except for the pearl ivory. (Bean and Coral are very similar in colour.)
- Each balloon can be inflated to between 9-inch and 10-inch. However, to prevent over-inflating (which may result in balloons bursting immediately or after a period of time), it would be best to inflate the balloons to about 9-9.5" :)

πŸ”Ž Interested in inflating your own helium balloons?
We are currently selling disposable helium tanks at our shop!
Check our profile listing for more :)

πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ READY STOCK IN SINGAPORE (Shipped out within 48 hours!)

πŸ’¬ Feel free to contact us via chat if you have any queries!

πŸ›οΈ For self-coIIection of orders, please contact us via chat :)

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