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πŸ’™ STITCH Lilo Cartoon Themed Foil Latex Balloons [READY STOCK IN SG]

πŸ’™ STITCH Lilo Cartoon Themed Foil Latex Balloons [READY STOCK IN SG]

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Adorable and fun theme that adults and children both like. One of the most popular party themes for newborn babies & toddlers!

πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ READY STOCK IN SG! Receive this in 2-3 working days ((:

🎈 Get your STITCH balloons today!

1. Stitch Birthday Set -- $23.90

- 1 x 16-inch Happy Birthday Letter Foil Balloons in Dark Blue

- 1 x Stitch Foil Balloon

- 2 x 18-inch Stitch Round Foil Balloon

- 20 x Latex Balloons

2. Stitch Foil Balloon Set -- $12.90

- 1 x Stitch Foil Balloon*

- 2 x 18-inch Round Stitch Balloon

- 2 x 18-inch Blue Star Balloon

*Inflate Stitch foil balloon with air only. 18-inch round and star balloons can be inflated with either air or helium.

3. 16-inch Happy Birthday Letter Balloons (Blue) - $5.90

- Inflate with air only

4. Blue Confetti Latex Balloons -- $4

- 6 x Blue Latex Balloons

- 4 x Blue Confetti Latex Balloons

- 1 x 10m Curling Ribbons

5. Matte Blue Tinsel -- $7.90

Dimensions: 2m (Height) x 1m (Width)

*Please note that all balloons are sold deflated.

πŸ”Ž Interested in inflating your own helium latex balloons?

Please kindly note the balloons require helium gas to float. Disposable helium tank can be purchased separately as add-ons! :) The small helium tank can inflate about 20 to 25 10-inch balloons and the large tank can inflate 34 to 38 10-inch balloons! 🀩

If you are planning to purchase the helium tank, please kindly note that only the latex balloons and 18-inch round/star balloons in this listing are compatible with helium. The Stitch & Happy Birthday foil balloons are not helium-compatible :)

πŸ“¦ Shipped out within 36 hours (or faster!!)

😎 Feel free chat with us on Shopee if you have any queries!

For self-coIIection of orders, please chat us on Shopee! :)

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