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Number Foil Balloons 16-inch 40-inch Helium Air [READY STOCK IN SG]

Number Foil Balloons 16-inch 40-inch Helium Air [READY STOCK IN SG]

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Celebrate your milestone birthday, an anniversary or special occasion with these beautiful foil number balloons. These balloons are a great way to make a statement at your next celebration!

šŸŽˆ Available in THREE popular colours šŸŽˆ

1) Gold

2) Silver

3) Rose Gold

šŸ›’ NOW SELLING EACH NUMBER BALLOON AT JUST $1.80 (16-inch) OR $7.90 (40-inch) EACH!

*Please kindly note that manual air pumps and helium tanks are not provided, and will need to be purchased separately! Free straws are provided upon request. If you require a free straw, please leave a comment in your order remarks.

*NOTE: Please indicate the number in your order remarks when you check out!

ā­ļø Two sizes available: 16-INCH or 40-INCH

- 16-inch number balloons do not require helium and are to be filled with air (using either a straw or air pump)! Pair them together with the 16-inch Happy Birthday set for a complete look! There are tabs on top of each number to string them up!

- 40-inch number balloons are compatible with both HELIUM and AIR! If you'd like the balloon to float, inflate it with HELIUM!

šŸ”Ž Interested in inflating your own helium latex or foil balloons?

We sell small and large helium tanks at our shop! The small tank is suitable for inflating a 40-inch number and a few other latex/foil balloons, while the large tank is good for multiple 40-inch numbers :) If you are unsure which size of helium tank to get, just drop us a message and we will reply you as soon as we can :)

šŸ“¦ Shipped out within 36 hours (or faster!!)

šŸ˜Ž Feel free chat with us on Shopify if you have any queries!

For self-coIIection of orders, please chat us on Shopify! :)

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