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BalloonExpress Helium Tank Disposable Balloon Gas Tank

BalloonExpress Helium Tank Disposable Balloon Gas Tank

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Helium Tank


✅ High Quality, Direct from Trusted SG Industrial Gas Distributor
✅ Pure Helium Tanks Filled Locally in Singapore, with 100% QC* — THE ONLY ONE IN SG 😊
✅ Ready with Local Stock in FIVE Warehouses 🇸🇬
*⬆️ LONGER balloon float time AND ⬇️ REDUCE issues of empty/half-filled tanks!

💰⚡️LIMITED LOW PRICES 😍 — Much Cheaper than Retail! 😊❤️

🛒 Available in TWO sizes:
- SMALL 13.4L (Inflates 30 9-inch balloons): $42.90 (U.P. $47.90)
- LARGE 22.3L (Inflates 50 9-inch balloons): $62.50 (U.P. $71.90) 😍

INCLUDES 🎈*FREE 5PCS BALLOONS & 10M CURLING RIBBON ROLL* for every tank purchased! 🎉

⚡️Need it urgently? We have FIVE warehouses island-wide for pick-up (Bedok/Woodlands/AMK/Bukit Panjang/Tuas) (: Just chat with us to arrange self-collection, and select ‘Seller Store Pickup’ when checking out. No more worrying about when your tanks will arrive or what not ☺️

🌎 Bring along your Balloon Express empty tank during self collection to receive $3 OFF!

🥇 Money-back Guarantee!

🛒 Looking for balloon add-ons? Click into our shop page for more party items!! Our balloon collection is updated EVERY WEEK 😃


Q1: What is the filling capacity & floating time for the helium-filled balloons?
A: The small tank can inflate around 30 9-inch balloons. If you inflate larger to 10-inch (5-6 hour floating time), it can inflate about 20-25 of them. For more details, you can refer to the Quantity Guide in our listing :)

Floating time of balloons varies depending on their type and size. Our latex balloons (standard 10-inch size) can float for ~5-6 hours. This duration is much longer than directly imported tanks which are often filled with high waste-gas mix (which only float for 2 hours). Our 10” latex balloons can remain afloat for approximately 5-6 hours, which is significantly longer compared to other sellers’ directly imported tanks that only last for 1-2 hours. Foil balloons have an even longer floating time, lasting for several days or even weeks. However, it’s important to note that not all foil balloons are compatible with helium, so please check before inflating them.

Q2: Can I use the helium tank this week, and keep the remaining gas for later use?
A: Yes! If you have any remaining helium, store them away for use anytime. Just turn the valve back clockwise and avoid storing under direct sunlight. Who knows, you or your friends might want to throw another party again tomorrow! (;

Q3: What do you mean by helium tanks filled with locally with pure helium?
A: Our balloons tanks are the ONLY tanks filled locally at our Tuas Industrial Gas warehouse in Singapore. (: Each tank is filled with pure helium, with strict & careful quality checks conducted.

🛍️ For self-coIIection of orders, please contact us via chat :)

💬 Feel free to contact us via chat if you have any queries!

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